Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring simulates wood (or sometimes stone) with a photographic applique layer under a clear protective layer. The inner core layer is usually composed of melamine resin and fiber board materials.

Wear LayerLaminate flooring is a surface layer of two thin sheets of paper impregnated with melamine. This top-most surface layer is a hard transparent type of plastic sheet that is impervious to dogs, chairs, high heels, and other common damaging elements.

Greenpanel Laminated Floors consist of four distinct layers: an abrasion-resistance top layer, a decorative design layer, a 100% hardwood HDF core, and a moisture-resistant backing layer.

Greenpanel offers a warranty of 10 years on AC3 grade floors that are well suited for residential and low footfall commercial spaces. Greenpanel AC4 grade laminate floors—suitable for offices and malls—come with a warranty of 15 years.

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