About Us

Get floored with Luxur Interiors collection of quality wooden flooring. With a variety that can please the most discerning of tastes and can give you the mera wala warmth and comfort that every space deserves. 

Our Journey began in the year….. with a simple thought of transforming spaces and creating luxury in everyday living. If you think about it, what are the most visible spaces in a home or a commercial space? Its the floor and the walls. With the mission to create maximum impact while not breaking the bank, we at Luxur Interiors bring you affordable and quality flooring and wall covering solutions. Our paramount focus is being client centric. We love happy customers and till day, we are pleased to say, we have over …… happy customers. 

Making our customers happy is the reason why we take interest in following the latest trends in interior design and updating our collections and catalogs so that your space always looks with the times!  When we say client focused, we mean it. No job is too small or too big for us  Right from doing up a single room of 150 sft to doing …….lakh square feet, we do it all. What’s more is that we provide installation services to make the process completely hassle free. So, our clients need not worry about how many boxes or rolls, wastage, dealing with independent installers or someone not completing the job. 

With Luxur, the entire process is transparent, professional, and easy.